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The gong has been used throughout history as a ceremonial and healing instrument. Sources describe its use in 4,000 B.C. to as far back as 16,000 B.C. Gongs have become more popular in the current high-tech age, as the speed and amount of information has created new forms of stress for both adults and children.


The vibration of a gong is a powerful method for reducing stress. Known as a Gong Bath, the gong creates an ocean of sound that is profoundly relaxing; a state which activates the parasympathetic nervous system to balance the over-amped, over-taxed sympathetic nervous system. Water has often been used as an analogy for the rippling effect of the gong’s vibrations, partially because our bodies are approximately 70 percent water and water serves to conduct sound waves. Like ripples created by a pebble skipped onto a glassy lake, the gong’s sound gently reverberates over, around and through the entire body to calm, relax and soothe. Typically, the listener’s heart rate slows, blood pressure drops and breath is restored to its natural rhythm. The gong induces a holistic resonance in the body and a spontaneous meditative state in the mind, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and wholeness.


In 11 minutes the pituitary gland and the nervous system are affected.

In 22 minutes, the three minds (negative, positive, and neutral) start to work together so your mental integration changes.

31 minutes affects your whole mind and your aura, and the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) are balanced.

37 ½ minutes projects from the whole aura to Infinity and back

In 62 minutes your "shadow mind" and your positive projection are integrated.

2 ½ hours completes the cycle of prana and apana so what you gain will hold through the cycle of the day. It holds change in the subconscious.

Want To Play the Gong with Us?

We have monthly gong trainings and we also sell gongs. Contact Jai Kartar for more information on how to join The Sound Gongsters Band.


62 min Gong Immersion- Kris Mocano