Community Building and Volunteering


Communities grow stronger when citizens regularly and persistently do a variety of simple things together that give them chances to connect with others, build trust and get involved in doing things together. The web of trusting relationships that grows from people sharing food, learning together, helping others with everyday tasks, and joining a group to recognize, help, involve and entertain one another makes bigger joint ventures possible and strengthens resilience.

What matters to the quality of community life is the number of people who regularly connect, build trust, and get involved with one another. 

Here at SNW we strive to create a strong sense of community. 

We invite anyone that responsibly wants to start an activity, a class, a workshop and/or a support group. 

We  serve complimentary tea in almost all our major gong/sound healing events so people can connect over a warm cup of chai. 

We create opportunity to meal sharing by serving complimentary soup in some of our events so people can partake together.

We participate in volunteering activities in the community.

We support the members of our Center in their entrepreneurship endeavors.


Sat Nam Wellness is committed to continue to support the Generation Meditation  program created by Jai Kartar, where the mission is to teach yoga and meditation to anyone anywhere. Currently, most of the efforts of this program are focused on the work with migrant Haitian children leaving in sub-standard conditions in the Dominican Republic in villages called Bateys. 

Jai Kartar has volunteered extensively through out the Orlando area before opening Sat Nam Wellness. She taught free yoga to  breast cancer survivors, for college students in a weekly basis and also taught  yoga as well as gave free healing gong baths to at risk youth weekly at the Eugene Gregory School in Seminole County. She is gearing up to start a new volunteering program in the Orlando area, so stay tuned to the great news coming soon !!!